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A head injury is not something that CAN happen. It DOES happen!

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Substance Abuse   and Brain Injuries


Traumatic Brain Injury and Dual Diagnosis


It’s a fact: substance abuse plays a role in 33% of accidents resulting in a traumatic brain injury. The use of alcohol and drugs prior to a head injury may have complications that require specialized treatment in a rehabilitation facility qualified to treat the dual diagnosis of substance abuse and brain injury.


Most individuals who have an addiction prior to a brain injury continue to experience substance abuse problems during their recovery. Other individuals may become addicted to pain medications as a result of their accident. Addiction not only poses many mental health concerns, but is a substantial difficulty for individuals following a brain injury. The use of alcohol and drugs during rehabilitation  is extremely counterproductive because they impede the regular course of treatment.

Substance Abuse Issues After Traumatic Brain Injury
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Alcohol abuse and traumatic brain injury
Brain injury and addiction are often linked
Drug Use after Brain Injury

By Flora HammondMD  


Substance Abuse and Brain Injury

Judith Falconer, Ph.D.


SubstanceAbuse & Disability Resources

Substance Abuse and Disability


Substance Abuse

A Comparison of Alcohol and Drug Use Rates: Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury and Individuals with Spinal Cord Injury

Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory-3 Appears to be a Promising Screening Tool

Alcohol Drinking Habits: Before and After Traumatic Brain Injury

Factors Contributing to Heavy Alcohol Use Among People with Brain Injuries


Neurobehavioral Functioning after Traumatic Brain Injury for Persons with Pre-Injury Histories of Crime and Substance Abuse


People with TBI appear to be reliable reporters of their own drinking behavior.


A Comparison of Substance Abuse and Violence as Predictors of Long Term Function


Screening for Substance Abuse in Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)


Substance Abuse In TBI Survivors

Robert Katz, Ph.D. Program Director Brady Institute for Traumatic BrainInjury 



  Substance Abuse Quiz

By John D. Corrigan, PhD and Gary L. Lamb-Hart, MDiv 


SubstanceAbuseand TBI



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