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A head injury is not something that CAN happen. It DOES happen!

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  Shaken Baby Syndrome
Shaken baby syndrome (SBS) is a collective term for the internal head injuries a baby or young child sustains from being violently shaken.
 Shaken Baby 


A contusion can also occur in response to shaking of the brain within the confines of the skull, an injury called "countrecoup." Shaken baby syndrome is a severe form of head injury that occurs when a baby is shaken forcibly enough to cause extreme countrecoup injury.



Damage to a major blood vessel within the head can cause a hematoma, or heavy bleeding into or around the brain.




Warning Signs of Possible Shaken Baby Syndrome


Warning Signs in the Baby or Child

(Note: Not all signs need to be present for a baby or child to be in serious trouble):

Head turned to one side
Unable to lift or turn head
Damage to the spinal cord or rib cage
Pinpointed or dilated pupils
Blood pooling in eyes
Blood pooling in the brain
Pupils unresponsive to light
Unconscious, semi-conscious or lethargic
Difficulty in breathing
Pale or bluish skin color
Seizures or spasms
Swollen head (this might appear later)

Victims of Shaken Baby Syndrome can suffer speech and learning disorders, sucking or swallowing disorders, mild to severe retardation, behavior problems, paralysis, hearing loss, blindness, cerebral palsy, seizures, autism, or death.


If you see any of these symptoms in your child or someone else's child, call 911 (or your local emergency number!). Don't wait! The child needs medical attention right away.


  Hope for Hunter


Shaken Baby Syndrome 





Shaken baby syndrome 
How to "Switch - off" Your Baby’s Crying With the 5 S’s
from "The Happiest Baby on the Block"
by Harvey Karp, MD



Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) is the collection of signs and symptoms resulting from the violent shaking of an infant or small child. It is a form of child abuse. In America every year an estimated 1,200 - 1,400 children are shaken for whom treatment is sought. Of these tiny victims, 25 -30% die as a result of their injuries. The rest will have lifelong complications. It is likely that many more babies suffer from the effects of SBS yet no one knows because SBS victims rarely have any external evidence of trauma.


Babies are fragile. Please don't shake a child.


National Shaken Baby Syndrome Campaign 

NINDS Shaken Baby Syndrome Information Page


View Our Shaken Baby Syndrome Video



This is the same with SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME


Shaken Baby Syndrome 



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